Steep History Group started in 2012 with a group of around six volunteers who met monthly to transcribe the registers of our local parish church of All Saints’, Steep. The church registers date from 1610 to the present. The process of transcribing them gave us valuable insights into the people and places of Steep during that period. This transcription continues to inform our research.

By 2015 the transcription of the registers was complete, but the group decided to continue to meet to share research and presentations on the history of the village of Steep. it was decided to call ourselves The Steep History Group.

The original group of six has now considerably expanded in numbers. By May 2019 we had 24 members. We meet in each other’s houses with a different venue each month. It is thus possible to accommodate only a maximum of 18-20 people at each meeting. Notice of the History Group meetings are emailed to members and places are allocated according to the order of the receipt of replies. A repeat showing of the presentation can be arranged on the afternoon of the same day, for those who were not able to obtain places at the morning meeting.

The Steep History Group is principally interested in the social history of our village: people, places, buildings, events which happened in our village in the past. Those with past memories are actively pursued. It is the social history of our village in which our members are most interested, and which forms the topics of most of our presentations.

Not all members undertake research or give presentations. Some just come to listen. However, those who can, are encouraged to undertake research and contribute to the group. The majority of presentations are given by Fran Box, but others are always welcome. The History Group has few funds, so we do not usually have outside speakers for the meetings.

The 2019 annual subscription to the Steep History Group was £5. This covers research costs for preparation of the presentations. It may increase in the future. We are hoping also to build up resources to fund the publication of booklets on the history of Steep.

The leader of the Steep History Group is Fran Box. Contact her for any more details.

Fran Box


The group meets at 10am on the second Tuesday of each month during the winter period between the months of October to May. There are no meetings in June, July, August or September.