Burrows, Roger – memories

Burrows, Roger – memories

Roger Burrows memories:

Roger grew up in Sheet but remembers happy times playing in Steep.

“Kettlebrook was always good for a drink on a hot day. Sticklebacks and Rud were quite often caught and l had a couple in my little pond at home brought home in a jam jar.

One thing none of us kids would ever do, was to run round the big yew tree in the church grounds seven times, as it was said the devil would appear!

As kids we would lie up on top of the sand quarry and watch the workmen down below, often being shouted at to b###er off! Rumour had it that one of the sheds near the entrance to the quarry contained explosives! The old Chaseside loading shovel was there for many years after closure, well into the 1990’s.”

Roger was at one time caretaker for Steep school.