Celebrations in Steep: Coronation Day

Celebrations in Steep: Coronation Day

The Coronation of King George VI in Steep Wed 12th May 1937

May 2023 sees the Coronation of King Charles III. The last time there was a coronation of a king in Britain was in 1937, when George VI was crowned.

George VI with Queen Elizabeth and the Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret at the Coronation in May 1937


What happened in Steep on Coronation Day in 1937? The following details of the Steep events appeared in the Hampshire Telegraph for 14th May 1937. Coronation Day had been two days earlier on Wednesday 12th May.

The Mothers’ Union, the Women’s Institute and the Post War Brotherhood branches had accepted responsibility for specific parts of the festivities in the village of Steep, which at that time numbered about 1000 inhabitants.

A dinner was given to older village residents aged 65+ years. Many lent cars in true Coronation spirit, so that old folk could be conveyed to and from their homes. About forty people were at the dinner which was held at Steep War Memorial Village Club (the Village Hall).

The church bells of All Saints’ were rung and a short service was held at 2.30pm with the Rev. Livingstone officiating and the church choir singing.

In the afternoon, sports were held in Bedales Quad. There was a welcome break for tired entrants, for tea was served from 4.30-6pm. The King’s broadcast was listened to at 8pm. Community singing followed. There was a bonfire and fireworks at 10pm. During the day, children were given Coronation mugs. It was thought to erect an outdoor seat at the village hall as a permanent memento of the occasion, to be placed there in the near future.

Capt. A. Shuttleworth was chair of the local Coronation committee, with Rev. Livingstone, the vicar, as secretary and treasurer.

Local magistrates granted The Harrow Inn an extension to its licence for Coronation Day.

Does anyone remember what happened to the seat at the Village Hall?

Does anyone still have their Coronation mug, whether from Steep or elsewhere? You can email photographs to the website. See Contact Us.

Coronation mug presented to children at school on Coronation of Elizabeth II


Do you have memories of this Coronation Day, or that of Queen Elizabeth II in 1952? We’d love you to send them to us.

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Reverse of Elizabeth II Coronation mug
Elizabeth II Coronation mug presented to schoolchildren in Gosport June 1952