Famous People who have lived in or visited Steep

Famous People who have lived in or visited Steep

Francis Bacon, artist – lived here

Jill Balcon, actor – lived here

Muirhead and Stephen Bone, artists – lived here

Adrian Boult, conductor – visited

Bertha Brewster, suffragette – lived here

Rupert Brooke, poet – visited

Lord Ivor Spencer Churchill, cousin of Winston Churchill – lived here

Winston Churchill – visited

Dan Day Lewis, actor – was at school here

Edward Elgar, composer – stayed here while convalescing

General de Gaulle – visited

Alec Guinness, actor – lived here

Keeley Halswelle, artist – lived here

Lord Thomas Horder, physician to five monarchs – lived here

Mark Knopfler, musician – lived here

Paul Maze, artist known as ‘The English Impressionist’ had a studio here

Sam Mendes, film director – had a house here

Sturge Moore, poet – lived here

John and Penelope Mortimer, writers – lived here

Martin Muncaster, TV presenter – lives here

Mark Owen, singer & songwriter – lives here

Stanley Spencer, artist – lived here

Edward Thomas, poet and writer – lived here

Kate Winslet, actor – has a house here (2019)

John Wyndham, writer – lived here