Bennett, Kay (Catherine) 1920-2017

Bennett, Kay (Catherine) 1920-2017

Kay Bennett 1920-2017

This account of Kay by Rollo Wicksteed  appeared in the December 2017 Steep Newsletter.

Kay died peacefully on Nov 6th at her home in the Steep Almshouses aged ninety seven. She first came to Steep in 1944 when she was appointed to the P.E. staff at Bedales, and in the years that followed earned herself a place in the fabric of the village that few can rival.

Amongst her many activities she helped reform the Welcome Club, she edited the Parish Magazine, she served on the Steep School Governors and she was chairman of the Almshouse Trustees, all done with quiet efficiency. She also played Stoolball for Steep well into her seventies, and did so with considerable skill.

It was Kay who commissioned the beautiful circular oak seat around the beech tree on the common, made by Alison Crowther, and so popular with the children. The seat has recently been given a facelift and provides an eloquent memorial for a very private lady loved by all who knew her.

Rollo Wicksteed 2017

Fran Box note:

For many years Kay (neé Boddington) lived at Rozel in Church Road, only giving it up to live at Steep almshouses in her later years. Her husband was H.E. (Benn) Bennett who was games coach and groundsman at Bedales School from 1930-1971. He died in 1991. Both Kay and Benn were prominent members of cricket activities in Steep. Kay was also a housemistress at Bedales and ran the Bedales Sports Shop. She retired from Bedales in 1991.

An account of Kay’s musings on Steep can be found in the Memories section of the website.