Names of those from Steep who returned from WWI and Steep War Memorial Village Hall

Names of those from Steep who returned from WWI and Steep War Memorial Village Hall


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Steep Roll of Service 1914-18 Steep Village Hall


Those from Steep who saw service in WWI and lived to return

The list below is that which is recorded on the Roll of Service board at Steep Village Hall. The board also records the names of those who died. The names of all those with a connection to Steep, who died in WWI can be found here

Details of Steep War Memorial Village Hall can be found here

Men of Steep who saw service in WWI and returned to the village:

ADAMS Richard Matthew Royal Dragoon Guards
AING John Royal Dragoon Guards
ALDRED James Pte Hants
ALDRED Walter Pte Hants
AMEY Thomas Pte Hants
APPLEBEE Herbert Artists Rifles
BADLEY John E. Pte Artists Rifles
BAGNELL Harold G. Capt. Royal Garrison Artillery
BAILEY Frank Pte Lancs.
BAKER Frederick Pte Hants
BAKER Percy Army Service Corps
BAKER William Hants.
BERRYMAN George Pte Hants.
BONE Muirhead Lieut. Intelligence Corps
LE BRETON Francis H Lieut. Royal Field Artillery
LE BRETON Edward Capt. Royal Engineers
LE BRETON Jack G. East Anglian Mounted Rifles
BRIDGER Arthur Sapper Royal Engineers
BRIDGER Charles Trooper Surrey Yeomanry
BRIDGER Henry Trooper Hussars
BRIGHT Henry Royal Flying Corps
BRIGHT John Royal Fusiliers
BROAD Percy Pte Hants.
BRUCE James Army Service Corps
BUDD Percy S. Lancs.
BUDD William Pte Royal Army Service Corps
BUDDEN Edwin Pte Hants
BULBECK Alfred Rifle Brigade
BUTLER William Pte Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry
CARPENTER George Pte Hants
CARPENTER William Ldg Stoker Royal Navy
CASEY Edward C. Lieut. Wilts
CLARKE Frank Pte. Hants.
CLARKE Henry Pte. Hants.
CLARKE William Hants.
CLARKE William Pte. Cameron Highlanders
COLWELL Harry Pte. Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry
CHRISTIE Gilmour Lieut. Royal Engineers
CRANE William Pte. Royal West Sussex
DODD Arthur Pte Hants.
DODD Thomas Pte. Hants.
ELLIOTT Henry Pte. Royal Army Service Corps
ETHERINGTON Alfred Sapper Royal Engineers
FOSTER Frank Hants. FOSTER William Hants.
FULLER Alfred Royal Garrison Artillery
GALE Arthur Cpl. Wilts.
GATES George Hants.
GIMSON Basil L. Capt. Royal Army Service Corps
GREGORY M.M. John Sgt. Hants.
HANNAY Gordon Comdr. Royal Navy
HARRISON Arthur Sgt. Royal Field Artillery
HOBBS John Able Seaman Royal Navy
HOLDER Thomas Pte. Royal Army Service Corps
JAMES George S.H. Hants.
JARMAN Ernest C.S.M. Canada
JARMAN William Pte. Hants.
JEWELL Frederick Royal Field Artillery
JOHNSON Brian Royal Fusiliers
JUPP Ernest Royal Navy
KELSEY Sidney Pte. Hants.
KINSHOTT George L/Cpl Royal Engineers
KETCHALL William Royal Garrison Artillery
KNIGHT M.M. Percy Royal Army Service Corps
KNIGHT Ralph L/Cpl. R.C.
KNIGHT William Pts. Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry
MARSH Arthur Ldg Sig. Royal Navy
MARSH Albert Cpl. Hants.
MAWSON George Royal Army Service Corps
MAWSON Robert British Expeditionary Force
MAY Sidney Royal Horse Artillery
MERRYWEATHER Ernest Pte. Royal Army Medical Corps
MITCHELL Frederick Royal Army Service Corps
MORRIS William Hants.
OAKLEY William Pte. Hants.
PAGE Frederick Cpl. Hants.
PARSONS Peter Pte. Wilts.
PARSONS Robert Pte. Hants.
PAYNE Frederick Hants.
PINK Harry Hants.
POCOCK Frederick Pte. Hants.
PORT Harry Driver Royal Field Artillery
PORTER Frederick R.M.A.
PORTER Reece S.P.O. Royal Navy
POWELL Oliver Midshipman Royal Navy
POWELL Roger Lieut. Hants.
POWNALL Cecil G. Lieut. City of London
POWNALL Lionel Y. 2nd Lieut. Royal West Kents
PRISNALL Samuel Hants.
REDMAN William Pte. Hants.
REES James Hants.
REED Frederick Driver Royal Field Artillery
REED John Bandsman Marines
ROWELL Sidney Pte. Wilts
ROWSALL William Royal Army Service Corps
RUFFLE Albert Sapper Royal Engineers
RUFFLE Albert (Junior) Pte. Hants.
RUSSELL John A. Lieut. S. Staffs
SCOTHERN Albert E. Major Notts. and Derby
SMITH Albert E. Pte. Hants.
SMITH Christopher Royal Army Service Corps
SPICER George Cpl. Rifle Brigade
SPIERS Arthur Royal Fusiliers
TALBOT Percy Pte Hants
TAYLOR Thomas S. Cpt Royal Army Service Corps
THOMPSON john Lieut. Royal Fusiliers
TRIGGS Frederick Gunner Machine Gun Corps
TRIGGS Albert Sgt Royal Fusiliers
TRIGGS Alfred O.M.S. Royal Army Service Corps
TRIGGS William Hants
UNDERWOOD Frederick Pte Wilts
UNSWORTH Gerald Major Warwicks
UPTON Henry Cpl Royal Engineers
WALKER Albert Pte Hants
WEBB Frederick Royal Engineers
WEST Christopher Pte Royal Army Service Corps
WEST Frank Pte Hants
WEST James Hants
WEST William Pte Hants
WISHAW Alexander Capt. Royal Horse Artillery
WHITE David Pts 2nd Royal Scots
WILSON Ernest C. Hussars
WILSON Steuart Capt. Kings Royal Rifle Corps
WOODMAN Charles Capt. Hussars
WOOLET John Royal Navy
YATES Albert Pte Somerset Light Infantry
YATES Charles Sapper Royal Engineers
YATES David Baker Royal Army Service Corps