Remembrance: The Names of those from Steep who Died

Remembrance: The Names of those from Steep who Died

Remembrance: The Names of those from Steep who Died

Steep has three WWI memorials: the one at Mill Lane, the one at Steep church and the Roll of Service board at Steep Village Hall.  While many of the names of those from Steep who died in WWI are common to all three memorials, there are slight differences in the names recorded on each. If the names from all three memorials are combined, a total of 54 men from the village, or with a connection to Steep, are due for remembrance. These are the 54 men whose names are recorded in David Erskine-Hill’s excellent book ‘Steep Roll of Honour 1914 – 1918’. The book contains details of their family backgrounds, where they lived in the village, their service history, photographs of a number of the men, details of their medal awards and where they are buried. Copies priced £10 can be obtained from

The WWII Memorial is in Steep church. Five men from Steep died.

In the Afghanistan War, one man from Steep died. There is a memorial to him in Steep church.

An early photo of the Mill Lane War Memorial Steep
From the Harrow collection

The definitive list of the 54 men from Steep who died in WWI is as follows:

William Applebee

Bernard Arnold

Richard Bagnall

William Barnes

Frederick Brown

George Brown

Cecil Budd

Denis Christie

Richard Christie

Charles Cottingham

Albert Cranstone

Lewis Cranstone

Ellis Doncaster

Frederick Eade

William Eade

Hugh Fitton

Samuel Gale

Philip Godwin

Frederick Gravestocke

Wyndham Halswelle

George Harding

Alan Healey

Arthur Healey

Herbert Herriott

Oswald Horsley

Frank Ifould

John Ifould

Dmitri Jarintzoff

William Jewell

Alfred Johnson

Charles Lilleywhite

Ernest Martin

Harold Martin

David McConnel

Albert Mitchell

Lionel Pownall

William Poynting

William Reed

William Rowell

Robert Sharp

Frank Smith

Henry Stacey

Garth Taylor

Edward Thomas

Walter Tucker

Lewis Tyrell

Benjamin Vidler

Ralph Vidler

Alfred Walder

Thomas Waller

Louis Watts

James Woodman

John Woodward

Frederick Yates

WWII Memorial at All Saints’ church, Steep
Photograph courtesy of David Jeffrey

And those from Steep who died in WWII 1939 – 1945 are recorded in Steep church as:

Osborne Cottrell

Donald Mullins

John Robinson

William Upton

Thomas Young

Afghanistan Memorial Steep church

and in the Afghanistan War 2010:

Richard Hollington