The Harrow Inn, Steep

The Harrow Inn, Steep

Harrow Inn – Some Brief Background History of The Harrow and Information on its Licensees & Owners

The recently published book ‘The Dodd Family and The Harrow Inn Steep’ gives many details about the history and activities of the pub as well as that of the Dodd family who have run the inn for over ninety years. Details here:

William Whiteman’s notes on the Harrow Inn are as follows:

The Harrow:   In the 19th century the Steep Vestry met there.  Its triangular island site is thought to be that of a cattle pen mentioned in 10th century land charters.  Externally the building is 18th and 19th century, but older construction is embodied.  It was probably an inn well before the 1744 mention in the Steep rates list.  From 1744 to 1865 it was in the hands of the Parr family and the related Parsons family.  When Robert Parsons died in 1865, his widow Marian renounced all benefit under the will, perhaps because it restricted re-marriage.  In 1868-80 it belonged to Robert Crafts, of the Red Lion and the Dolphin, who in retirement at Liss was classified as ‘Gentleman”.  He sold it to Lukers, and it followed the familiar transfer to Strongs and Whitbreads.

The Harrow is mentioned in Petersfield Papers No.3 – ‘The Inns of Petersfield’, p.35 by William Whiteman

Licensees of The Harrow

It is possible to compile a list of Harrow licensees from censuses and other documents:

!841 Census – Thomas Bonnay – 25 yrs  – Publican

1851 census – Thomas Bonnay – 36 yrs b. Langley, Sussex – Licensed Victualler

1861 Census – Thomas Bonnay – 49 yrs b. Langley, Sussex – Inn Keeper

1871 Census – William Clark licensee

1880 William Clark licensee (from newspaper reports of the death of William Mellersh)

1881 Census – George Pledger 64yrs., born Petersfield – Inn Keeper

1891 Census – Thomas Tubb 55yrs., born Farnham, Surrey – Publican

The Register of Licences held at Hampshire Record office lists the following owners and licensees for the Harrow Inn:

August 1893 Owner: Robert Luker, Holder (Licensee) James Scrivener

November 1893 Owner: Robert Luker, Holder (Licensee) Edward Clark

May 1894 Owner: Robert Luker, Holder (Licensee) Henry George Dugay

August 1894 Owner: Robert Luker, Holder (Licensee) Henry George Dugay

August 1895 – 1897 Owner: Robert Luker, Holder (Licensee) Henry George Dugay

August 1899 – August 1901 – George Aldred Licensee (Hampshire Constabulary Register of Public Houses at HRO)

1901 Census – George Aldred 50 yrs b. 1851 Steep,  Innkeeper

November 1901 –  February 1903 – Steve Robins – Licensee (Hampshire Constabulary Register of Public Houses at HRO)

Feb 1903 – 1904 Albert Hall Licensee (Hampshire Constabulary Register of Public Houses at HRO)

1911 Census – Caroline Hall 62 yrs b. 1849 Steep, married, Trade Public House Keeper.  (Her husband Albert Hall 64 yrs  lived at the Harrow with her, but listed himself as ‘domestic gardener’)

1919 – Charles Coffin Licensee (info from church registers)

Electoral Rolls show the following licensees:

Spring 1921 – Samuel Penn. His wife Louisa was there with him.

Spring 1923 – Samuel Penn and Louisa.

Clinton Brown of Stroud (2019) related the following regarding Sam Penn:

Samuel Penn was a veteran of WWI. Clinton referred to him as ‘Uncle Sam’. Sam was possibly Clinton’s great uncle. Clinton reports that Sam had been gassed during WWI and because of resultant problems with his lungs could not take on a job involving heavy work. It was for this reason that he became the licensee of the Harrow. It is thought that George Knight of Stroud, another relative, helped him acquire the licence. Clinton also related that Sam had a small dog which he had brought back from WWI with him. The dog was always at the pub. Regulars liked to see it when they went there.

March 1923 – Sam Penn died aged 47 years and at the end of that year, Sam’s widow, Louisa Penn, married Harry W Welch.

1924 Harry Welch became licensee with Louisa helping to run the pub.

1930 Harry perhaps became ill and Louisa Welch took over as licensee.

May 1931 Harry Welch died aged 56 years.

3rd August 1932 Arthur Millington Dodd became licensee and was there in that role with his wife Annie May (neé Oakley) from that date.

Arthur Dodd & two children outside the Harrow 1930s. Picture from the Harrow collection

1939 Register – Arthur M Dodd b. 1 April 1888 Licensed Victualler

1958 Annie May Dodd became Harrow licensee on the death of her husband Arthur.

1952 Annie’s daughter Ellen married Eddie McCutcheon. Eddie and Ellen had two daughters – Claire and Nisa.

??? Eddie McCutcheon became licensee

1982 Annie May Dodd died

1990 Eddie and Ellen bought the freehold of the pub from Whitbread’s

1996 Edward McCutcheon died

1997? Ellen McCutcheon became licensee

2004 Ellen McCutcheon died

Claire and Nisa became licensees


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